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Happy New Year

Bob Link, Executive Director

We at Fairfield Web TV work hard to bring you programming you want to see. 2012 brings us excitement for the entertainment we deliver via the web. As methods of viewing "TV" evolve, more and more of you are turning to the web for your entertainment source. We are now experiencing over 1000 viewers a day watching our programs and have completely re-designed our site.  Short programs, long programs...we enjoy them all and so do you. There is an audience that wants to see program topics of interest and value. We are always looking for new program content and ideas too. Do you have a program you'd like to see on our site? Give us a call at (513) 874-4100 or an email to let us know. We also welcome general feedback to see how we're doing. Comments, program suggestions and more...please let us know.

Enjoy The Site!