FairfieldWebTV.com Offers New Web Site Design

In an effort to make web site navigation easier, Bob Link of Advanced Video Data Services and executive director of FairfieldWebTV.com has announced the revamping of the web site.

"Our first site was an attempt to offer programming to our area citizens without a lot of bells and whistles" Link said. "As more and more people were visiting the site we were asked to make it easier to navigate" Link continued. "With the new design we've made it easier to find the program you're looking for and easier navigation buttons". Bob said. "The new design and the new look makes the visit a much more enjoyable and pleasing web site", Link added.

With the new site comes the addition of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Local companies can have a web banner ad placed into the site. "This will bring about awarenes and build company identity within our community" said Bob Link.  "Additionally, a company commercial can be placed into our programming content so our local citizens can see who helped bring the program they're watching into their homes and offices", Link added.

"It's our mission to bring local programming, local company awareness with the ability to have local citizens participate by having their own program content on our site", said Link.

For further information contact:
Bob Link, Executive Director
Advanced Video Data Services
5292 Old Gilmore Road
Fairfield, Ohio  45014
(513) 874-4100




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